Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers

Welcome to the Smart Locker information page

This page will guide you through the process of collecting your parcel from the SPS Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers.

As a resident of the High Tech Campus you are able to receive your parcels in these Smart Lockers.

Only thing that is needed for this is that your email-address and buidling that you work in is known at the logistics department of SPS.

If you receive parcels on regular basis this should already be the case.

In case your work location and email is unknown you can always share it by sending an email to

How does it work?

In the email notification you will see all details of the shipment that was placed in the locker.

The notification will also show the lockernumber and pincode or barcode needed to open your locker.

All lockers have a touchscreen from where you can control the locker.

Press Start Pick-Up to begin.


Choose the identification method and type in the pin code or scan the barcode from the notification email .

If you selected Pin code then enter the Locker Number and press Confirm.

On the next screen typ in the pin code and confirm.

Your locker will now open and the parcel can be collected.

Keep in mind that the Pin Code can only be used once.

If you want to use the Bar Code as collection option, select Bar Code and scan the bar code using the scanner below the screen.

Please don’t forget to close the door after you collected your parcel.


Where to find the lockers?

There are 20 buildings at this moment that have their SPS Smart Locker.


In case of any questions feel free to sent an email to: of by phone +31 40 2305631

Do you want to report an error of failure of the smart locker? 

Please report this to the Yask Facilitydesk, By phone: 040 230 56 00, Email: or by using Facilitor